Somato-Respiratory Integration

Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a series of exercises designed to help you discover new ways of experiencing your body’s natural rhythms and inner wisdom.

SRI is a way to use your body to gain access to the secrets stored within. By using your breath and hands in gentle movements, you can guide yourself towards releasing tensions and connect to your natural healing using nothing more than the rhythm of your body.

You will use your focused attention, gentle breath, movement and touch which will give you life long skills in connecting with the wisdom of the body as you reach ever greater levels of health and whole being.

Healing isn’t an automatic process, it takes time to  heal and the journey itself happens in stages. SRI allows you to effectively connect with your body during the different stages of healing using the rhythm of that particular healing stage.

These exercises might be done during a network care visit in our Olympia office or you might be asked to perform them at your own home. Performing SRI exercises will help you obtain greater levels of health and are easy enough for people of all ages to be able to do.

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