Dr. Karen Feeley, D.C.

Dr. Karen Feeley, D.C. - Providing powerful approaches to enhance health, wellness and quality of life.

I have always been passionate about health, wellness, and spirituality and in helping others from very early in life.

I pursued this in the “usual” ways, studying Biology, nursing, premed, psychology, comparative religion and theology. Chiropractors to me were “quacks”! The idea of God within – heresy!!

It was not until I was in my early 30’s – working as a craps dealer in Atlantic City – that I met a fellow dealer who was pursuing chiropractic for his profession – and something lit up in me – I didn’t know what it was – and the feeling was so strong – I decided to follow this inner light, my inner guidance. All I knew at the time was that I was dissatisfied with the medical model of “sick” care – finding out what’s wrong – and then someone from outside “fixing” it, or taking “it” out. I am so glad I decided to follow the absolute knowing of spirit, of God– my intuition!

Through my journey into trusting that inner voice I have learned how to help others tap into the amazing power within themselves, with amazing results. I love helping others realize their full potential and to integrate mind, body and soul.

Through much of my chiropractic career I have used very gentle techniques, mostly focusing on the upper cervical area. Chiropractic was a part of my health journey for over 15 years and I felt healthier than ever before – but I knew there was something more.

This was when I found Network Spinal Analysis – after listening to a talk given by Dr. Donald Epstein – I found myself in tears – and knew this was a path I needed to follow. I received this type of care for 1 year and was amazed at what was now opening inside of myself– and knew this was something I wanted to help others feel to expand on their well being.

Vibrant health and well being are our birth right. I have found that while the mechanisms working in our beautiful bodies is very complex and can seem mysterious at times – there are key simple truths to regaining and expanding on health and well being.

It was through my own journey in health, the human body and spirit and research into exploring the many whys of life that I have come fully into a model of health that first asks some very different questions– why is this happening, what is the message, what is the gift of this situation, what crossroad am I at with work, with my body, relationships or in my life path?

I was first involved in chiropractic research starting in 1988, and was the recipient of a scholarship to pursue my doctorate in chiropractic. I have been involved in chiropractic research from this time, with many organizations and have published and presented worldwide. I remain active in research of chiropractic and other alternative health care explorations and health models.

I have many passions. Studying and learning about the amazing ways that every cell in our body is inter-connected, every molecule in the universe is related, neurology, vibration, consciousness, soul, essence – I could talk for hours on these subjects. I love to travel and have traveled extensively. The most recent traveling 3 months in Europe and then 3 months in the US. This was when I left my 20 year practice in TN to follow that inner voice.

I love family, friends and community – which is what brought me to Olympia – to take care of my granddaughter Elizabeth (Izzy), who just turned 4 years old – what joy!! And to be surrounded by fabulous friends and a wide open community, that shares many of my deepest desires and passion!

Dr. Karen M. Feeley, D.C.
Graduated from Life Chiropractic College, Marietta, GA in 1991



 Providing powerful approaches to enhance your health, wellness and quality of life - transforming your whole being.




"My work with Karen has been a wonderful experience and happened at a time when I really needed a boost in my journey.  I recently had open heart surgery and the breathing techniques Karen taught me helped to relieve pain in my chest by focusing my breathing in my diaphragm...truly amazing.  The universe works in amazing ways and places healers like Karen in my life at the perfect time."  - DaleJ

"I have received "regular" chiropractic adjustments for many years. It feels good for a few days but I find every thing tends to pull back to misalignment fairly quickly (perhaps because it is being forced back into place). The Network chiropractic seems to have a much different effect. There is no force. Its feels more like channels get opened and things can relax & flow better. Subtle but powerful work. It also seems to have a very positive effect on the nervous system. I have had PTSD symptoms for years and a very "jumpy" nervous system. I can feel the calming effect on the nervous system over the course of my treatment." - JulieG

"Karen works in a gentle, cooperative way with my body to help me come back into alignment.  She helped me discover my center – the place where everything comes to stillness – and encouraged me to practice returning there on a daily basis.  This has helped me both physically and emotionally." - CindyL

"Have been seeing Karen for about a year. Always feel lighter and more grounded. She has also helped me to become more aware of my body. My grandkids love her attunements too."  - JenB

"Karen Feeley works so gently I sometimes wonder if anything is happening while I am on her table.  When I get up, the world of being in my body has usually make a big change. Lovely work, she does!" - KirstinS

"Dr. Karen is a wonderful practitioner.  Her treatments can have profound effects on how the body holds on to or releases useful or unhelpful energy and patterns.  And, I love how she brings humor into the treatments and take home exercises. I so strongly recommend her."  - RachelF

"Karen is an absolute joy. Each time I have a session with her, I can expect her big hugs, her bigger smile, and her masterful healing touch and deep energy awareness. We connect, we giggle, I cry, and I soar on her table. Since I've been under her care, my heart has been opening wider and my attunement to soul energy is expanding. I feel completely cared for and seen by her, with compassion, love, and a huge dollop of fun."  - DonnaH

"Karen does great work, she treats the whole body and helps balance energy and emotions.  She works with multiple people at a time and having others there is not only fun but it feels more productive, as the people in the same room are often working on similar issues. I've recommended her to friends since I love her approach."  - Jordon J

"I started seeing Karen for some pain in my ribs. Her treatments are so gentle while I'm on the table it feels like almost nothing is happening. I'm just deeply focused inward while she gently guide my intent. Some chiropractors treat by moving the bones back into place and letting the musculature follow. Karen moves the whole being back into place and the body follows. If your looking for a quick fix so you can return to life as normal Karen may not be for you. If you are looking for internal change that frees you from painful patterns Karen is the one."  - MarthaE

"Karen Feeley is a considerate and competent practitioner.  She is both a healer and teacher.  I came to her with a nervous system in stress.  Over time, my breathing has deepened and I have relaxed.  One of Karen’s many gifts is that her sessions provide ‘exercises’ that one can practice at home to enhance the session.  Karen bridges the gap between traditional medical doctors and the world of energy healing."  - SueD

"Network Spinal Analysis can be amazingly deep emotional and structural work that is gentle by touch. This work lends it self to heal and train your body to have the capacity to heal it self. I have been a patient of Network for about 8 years and Karen Feeley is excellent. She can facilitate healing your physical ailments as well as help you clear emotional pieces that can be physically restricting. I have walked away from a bad fall down a flight of steps that would normally take months or years to heal. I have seen Karen to clear emotional pieces as well as focused work on changing body structure to alleviate symptoms of a medical sleep illness. Although I have not been retested, I can say I feel great, sleep better and wake up rested. I am blessed to work with Karen and I would highly recommend her."  - TS

"Karen is truly a gifted and caring practitioner.  I have been seeing her for the past 6 months.  The rupture of my L2,3 disc, left me bed ridden and waiting to be scheduled for surgery.  The pain was excruciating! I called Karen and asked if she did “house calls” – To my amazement she agreed! I was new to Network, but open to anything that might help me avoid surgery.  By the time my insurance approved my surgery (1 month) I was able to walk!  I continued to see Karen and postponed my surgery.  Today I am back to doing yoga, pilates and Nordic walking!! These are only the physical improvements I’ve experienced with Network Spinal Analysis.  I have increased energy and vitality, I am clear headed and focused.  Best of all my emotions are no longer running my life.  This new found stability, has me looking to the future – all the possibilities that life has yet to offer.  My heart is full!  I highly recommend Dr. Karen Feeley to anyone seeking wellness of mind, body and spirit."  - RW

"I've been dealing with chronic illness for many years. Other chiropractors have helped keep my pain from worsening, but it wasn't until switching to Karen that I actually began to feel improvement! Her technique is very gentle, which is also great for my kids. I feel fortunate to have her in my life!"  - LW

"Karen is a magnificent healer. She is able to listen to your body in a way that helps one be able to see the patterns that harm us, lifting stress through guidance of one's own awareness to breath and one's own spinal network! I came in for a car accident injury, and found healing in all aspects of my body, mind, and spirit. I cannot recommend highly enough." - SH

"I am so happy with my own personal growth in conscious awareness since I added Network Chiropractic to my self-care six years ago. Karen is a joy to work with because her intuition is always spot-on and she holds space for it all. She lives deep compassion from the heart and sets a fine example of what it means to love yourself. Network is more than just chiropractic. It is a path to learning who you are at an energetic level."  - JH

"I went to Karen for about a year and through the entrainments she used plus breathwork, movement, and touch of the 12 Steps of Healing process which she introduced me to, I was able to gain more flexibility in my body, had increased energy, felt more relaxed and had a better sense of well being.  I also was able to get in touch with deep seeded emotions, bring them to the surface, and release them.   I would definitely recommend the Network Spinal Analysis she does to anyone." - MB